Güneş Kayacık


Arduino Dataset

Arduino dataset is collected from an Arduino circuit monitoring the ambient characteristics of a small studio apartment. It contains, temperature, humidity, motion and light data. It was connected to a laptop which stored the data and collected noise data. Note that light and noise levels are not lux and dBs but merely the value sampled from the analog pin.

The data is available here in two files. Arduino dataset contains the following columns:

  1. Timestamp
  2. Human readable timestamp
  3. Light
  4. Temperature
  5. Humidity
  6. Dew point
  7. Motion (binary, 1 for motion detected / 0 else)
  8. Sound (the sensor for this never worked reliably so discard)
Download the arduino dataset (compressed)
Download the noise dataset (compressed)
Download the arduino sketch

Here is a time series plot of light sensor values for a few weeks.